Samca Released to Public

Hello all

Its finally available for your viewing pleasure. The full short film "Samca" from Dan and company at 4 Leagues media. Enjoy!

Original music composed by Matt Vucic. Samca now officially accepted into the 2015 Long Island International Film Expo (C)(P) 2015 4 Leagues Media. All Rights Reserved. 

Set during the dark ages, a village is experiencing the onset of pestilence. With the lives of the children and unborn at danger, the village elder looks to their leader to remedy the situation. Their leader, Alexandru, is searching for a solution to save the village and his pregnant wife Aiketarine. For insight, Alexandru travels to Rasinari - a school for the Solomonari, a secret society trained in the art of magic and war. At Rasinari, Alexandru encounters his brother Gavril and they confront one another over unresolved issues. As Aiketarine prepares for the birth of her child, the brothers race back to the village - both with the knowledge that Samca has been summoned and will not leave until she takes her mark.