Free songs for a limited time

I'm proud to announce the addition of three new songs to the ETM catalog. "The Lotus Sea", "Thorn In The Moon", and "Mahogany Women" performed by Bakersfield Eddie. 

For a limited time I will be making these songs free to download. Simply visit and follow the instructions.  All songs "One Stop Clearance". Enjoy


Back In The Studio

Hello All

Just a quick up date. I'm back in the studio recording 3 new songs for the ETM catalog. All songs will be mastered and "One Stop Clearance"

I have had the pleasure of working a team of musicians that spans my almost 18 year career in Pittsburgh PA...

Larry Luther - Owner Mr Smalls Recording & Mastering

Nita Chawla - Songwriter & Musician

Anthony Pecora - Bass Player

Dirk Miller - Guitar Player

Max Somerville - Keyboard Player

Keep posted as these songs will be available for a limited time as free downloads via Until next time...



But the fighter still remains...

Hello from ETM

We've had the blinders on and been focusing on the development of a new Americana project Bakersfield Eddie. Does artist development still exist? We would like to think so. And it takes a constant  and relentless focus. It all starts with the stripped and raw beginnings of a song.

Please enjoy these two clips (below) featuring "Mahogany Women" and "The Lotus Sea" by Bakersfield Eddie. Stripped down and original. All comments are welcome. Until the next update. Write on.