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Matt Vucic’s musical roots are steeped in Pittsburgh Brass Soul, World Afro Pop and Americana. He has performed in bare-knuckle dives and sun-baked amphitheaters. He has survived and his lyrics tell that story.

During over two decades as a professional musician, he has performed in intimate living room concerts and before beer-guzzling crowds in sweat-soaked barrooms. He was co-founder of the Yves Jean Band, a fusion rock group that opened huge concert venues for the likes of John Scofield, Dave Matthews Band, OAR – that’s just for starters.

The drummer, songwriter and composer is at home on stage performing a wide swath of musical genres. “Nothing in the world like it,” he’ll say. “Nothing compares to the rush when a performer and audience connect.”

That was then. This is now. And now is all about songwriting. “I love writing a song then watching it come to life in the studio,” he says. “Hearing how musicians interpret the song then hearing it for the first time.” Matt has taken his songwriting talents and applied them to the entire production process. “I love running the show, having deadlines, a budget, making it all work.”

Along the way, he’s forged connections throughout the industry. He can be heard on studio albums including Liz Berlin’s (Rusted Root) “ AudioBioGraphical”, and has written and produced two of his own. The song, “The Card I Play,” from his debut album “The Bull and I,” is featured on a web video starring pro skateboarders.

Matt will tell you there’s never been a time when he wasn’t involved in music. He started drum lessons at age six and backed several garage bands throughout school. He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with degrees in music production and business.  

He became well known around Pittsburgh PA for his work in rock, fusion, country and Americana bands, most notably as co-founder of the "Yves Jean Band." While with YJB, he toured the U.S. and cut two studio albums, "Been Many Days Empty" and "Rise Above Your Surroundings."

His strong industry connections led to several recording sessions at the popular Mr. Small's Recording studios (Pittsburgh PA). It was there where he forged long lasting relationships with top, musicians, writers, and engineers. From there, his songwriting took off. He wrote and produced "The Bull and I," a soulful blend of rock, pop and fusion in 2005. As songs being performed by artists around the county. 

More recently, Matt has been composing and producing music for film, mostly notably to date “Samca” and “The Time Will Come” which both  can be viewed HERE. He also founded Even Tone Media LLC, a music production business showcasing his work, and hasn't slowed down since.


For Matt, it’s all about total dedication to the craft. “For me it’s not so much a question about focusing on the music as it is focusing on how to spend your days involved in music. It’s always there. I have a simple theory that I have always lived by. If you have a backup plan, you will use it. I don't have a backup plan.”


 2018 Release. A 4 Leagues Media Production 

2018 Release. A 4 Leagues Media Production 

 2017 Release. A 4 Leagues Media Production

2017 Release. A 4 Leagues Media Production

 2016 Release. A 4 Leagues Media Production

2016 Release. A 4 Leagues Media Production

 2015 Release. A 4 Leagues Media Production

2015 Release. A 4 Leagues Media Production

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thorn in the moon

the lotus sea

lovin' in my soul

house by the sea

ride until i die

the bull and i

the world will come undone

mahogany woman

oh come love

card i play

biting at my heel

the cynic

blessing to a curse



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